Monday, July 09, 2007


1. Mohawks paralyze Canada
2. It's Hell is LA
3. The Amazing disappearing lake
4. Coldcut vs Hextatic - Timber
5. iPhone, iPood
6. Zoe Blunt explains where asswipes come from

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At 7:44 PM, Anonymous m boss rollando said...

The President is Right: yet he is so isolated from the love of his subjects. Indeed he's so far Right, he couldn't possibly be any more Right, unless he was a child Left behind.

Why do we continue to insist that the Duet of Bush & Rove or its Enforcer owe us an explanation? Did Al Capone's Enforcer (Frank Nitti) explain anything to the public, and he could shoot straight!

The President is Right: nobody except us & no country in the world matters except the Land of the Free. It doesn't matter that we invaded an innocent people, destroyed their country, killed their children. Didn't we give them the opportunity to act like men and fight it out with each other?

The President is Right: We saved them from illegal, arrogant, immoral leaders who sacrificed their people to fulfill their own selfish ambitions. Oops, that's a little too close to home, isn't it? Bet even Tom Delay & Rumsfeld got that one.

Suffice it to say, "mistakes were made:" amazing how easy it is to say that, after it worked so well for Reagan, even before the Republican Party canonized him.

The President is Right: but perhaps the truth isn't always with the Right. Perhaps the Right is simply wrong, at least wrong for America.

Look they did a bad thing (and we let them). FOUR THOUSAND American kids died because of it. Thousands more will never be the same, but it's not like it was Watergate, Iran Contra or oral sex in the Oval Office.

The biggest lie is the lie we tell ourselves: The President is Right and it's the right time to give him and his rogue regime what they deserve -- a little time alone where they can do no further harm. I understand Scooter Libby's reserved spot is now available.

At 2:28 AM, Anonymous adam kadmon said...

the penis laser sounds rad. thanks for the knowledge, stimulator.

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great stuff.. we ought to work together on something,, have you seen


At 8:07 PM, Blogger Marvelous said...

i really like what ur doing BUT I have a hard time getting the jesus freaks to listen when there is so much potty mouth language. If you want to reach the religious right tone it down a bit and maybe we can change their minds. (or at least have a g rated version so I can send the link to them. Peace out

At 7:26 AM, Blogger the_stimulator said...

Hey Marvelous. I have mental battles as to how can I reach certain folks. the conclusion I got to is that reaching the Jesus Freaks as you put it, is not my forté. I rather reach fresh young minds that will be more open to my ideas than people who are so fuckin brainwashed. thx for your comment

At 11:47 PM, Anonymous dink said...

Hey Frank my Friend, you fucking rule, it's pretty good, and why don't ya fuckin' tell me when you make a fuckin' video but I have to find out through some other fuckin' types (like Em who I love), it fuckin' sucks.

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous BloodyIron said...

hey st1m, once again, great episode.

keep up the work, you definately bring attention to things that even i, someone who would believe they know something about what's going on in the world, have never realized.

i heard about the business in BC with that fella being extradited, but i never had a chance to find out wtf is going on.

oh, and i'm glad you stick to your roots, and dont change just because one group cant expand their mindset to see beyond your "swear words" and actually consider the value of your words. why should you change to accomidate them, if they arent even willing to hear your original words?

keep it up, <3

At 2:03 AM, Anonymous The Unknown Pundit said...

You can't really believe all of this happy horse shit, can you?

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous I can only watch at school. said...

I think Brighthouse is down throttling access to this page. It takes me an hour to load the entire video.

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets do this!
great stuff..

contact page aint workin dude..?

At 7:20 AM, Blogger jph_iterationgames said...

keep rocken' it! excellent videos well done indeed,. i feal fine.

At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

like the work. but the homophobic language in most of your shows in really annoying. the references to taking it in the ass and cocksuckers make you sound like some juvenile straight kid that doesnt really get what oppression is about. like a half cocked anti-racist thing or something.

and if immortal technique wasnt so rabidly homophobic i wouldnt be so annoyed that you feature his work all the time. sure sure, he wants to smash the state and has a good read on the u.s. government, but he also hates queers and has some pretty shitty things to say about women, ie. rapping about raping women with chainsaws. boring. very very boring.

two things...

yeah. look forward to the next episodes without the homophobic shit.


At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Planned Parenthood said...

Something never mentioned when people talk the environment, is the impact of the rapidly increasing world population. Less babies would have more effect on stopping global warming than riding a bicycle.

At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want a Real President in 2008? Click-on and Vote....

"Tieing-up Contestants at the beginning of the race and running around the track alone (or with their partners in crime), doesn't make you a winner in America (it's called a thief through fraud, racketeer)..." Click-on and Vote, Now.....

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Triskalia Band said...

Hello and thanks for your intelligence and courage. but it all seems kind of hopeless does it not.
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