Saturday, June 11, 2005

Enron and why the fuck haven't people risen up

My wife and I went to see 'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room' last night. Like 'the Corporation', this is another film that goes to the heart of the problem in the world today and doesn't just blame everything on Bush, like 'Fahrenheit 911' did.

In short, this film does a great job at showing how our culture's validation of greed and the capitalist system made a huge group of people accomplices in one of this century's greatest crimes. By mid movie I was so angry that I wanted to scream every time I saw Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. These fuckers, along with many other cocksuckers, encouraged people who worked in the company to invest their retirement funds into Enron, while they sold their stock because they knew the shit was going down.

The film builds suspense, and the fact that we all know what happens in the end, I found myself at the edge of my seat for the second half of the film. One of the most memorable moments of the film was when Ken Lay is addressing the employees of Enron as the stock is plummeting, and CEO Skilling has jumped ship. Ken asked the crowd to ask questions and pass them to the front, and this dumb motherfucker (Lay) read this question in front of a packed room and rolling cameras. "Are you on crack? If you are that might explain a lot of things. If you aren't, maybe you should be." Holy shit! I nearly piss my pants!

On the downside, the film which remained rather impartial the whole way, when it should have taken a stand. 'Overthrow the corporate state!' LOL, if I had turrets syndrome that's what I would have yelled. Anywho, this is my point. We are seeing how these greedy fuckers manipulate the markets to rob us, their workers, take us to war, exploit children, so forth and so on. Their friends live in the White House and steal elections, so one of our only legal recourses is gone. And the courts, Skilling gave 23 million of what he stole to his attorneys as a retainer. Anyone, out there can match that?

To recap, don't fuck around and watch it.


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