Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ch ch changes

It might be a little late but happy fuckin new year. Like many new years of the past we make resolutions and promises of change. Once again, I am attempting to kick some nasty ass habits (picking my nose), exercise, but more importantly, to go where no Puerto Rican has gone before, Snow Shoe-ing! Yep I am convert and eagerly looking for a pair of second hand snow shoes. Now, the technology for snow shoes has advanced, so they don't look like oversized tennis racquets which was kinda of a let down. Regardless, it was a very enjoyable experience and one that I hope to have more often.

So far this year has been off to a great start. Got my first Canadian paid gig of the year, and a video I produced last year went on the air last Wednesday. This one deals with prominent marijuana activist Marc Emery and how the DEA is trying to extradite him to the US and give him a life sentence for selling pot seeds. The clip plays on Current TV, so if you have cable look it up, but fuck it, TV is a dead medium anyway, so here, instant gratification.

On the politcal quagmire front, really enjoying the barrage of scandals plaging the Republicans. Not that you should be happy for the misfortunes of others, but let's be real, this Abramoff scandal, HAHAHAHAH! Speaking of congressmen last week I wrote to my congressman John Lewis and to my surprise he or someone in his office wrote back.

On the 'get out of your house and do something cool' in Vancouver, the Work Less Party is having a screening of their film 'Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams' tonight (Jan 10) at 8pm at the Pacific Cinematheque.

I have not fuckin idea what's happening in the ATL so would someone please give me clue.

Finally our new website address is http://submedia.tv and my new email addy is frank(at)submedia.tv

That's all for now y'all



At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Arian said...

64 degrees is what Atlanta's up to, since you were wondering.

And it's official, since you're like the 387503750th person I know with a blogger account, I guess I need to start one of these damn things too.

But! If you were wondering what's been going on in ATL other than weather, it's pretty much everyone we know working on that movie project and me sitting around and picking my nose/belly button/butt. Inspiring stuff, I know. Also, my student loan will officially be out of default status around September or so... which means ARIAN IS ELIGIBLE TO HOLD ELECTED OFFICE! Maybe I'll run against Lewis? I'd really like to run for Lite Gov. if Ralph Reed is still thinking about running, however.

Take 'er easy.

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Arian the Barbarian said...

Ok, I caved and signed up for a stinking blogger account. You can view my brain deposits at riverofbeers.blogspot.com. Yee haw.

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really think you need that wetsuit picture and this one with the snowshoes put somewhere in the Puerto Rican hall of fame...are they working on that?

do you need someone to sponsor you?

luv pickles


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