Friday, September 23, 2005

subMedia VS Mr. T

So here's the deal. As Dubya was addressing the nation in the most cartoonish incarnation of himself (did anybody notice how big his head looked compared to his body?) the video 'George Bush Don't Like Black People' was being uploaded into cyberspace. Little did I know that this hurried piece of anger and frustration might become my most watched film to date.

First Guerrilla News Network picked it up and a slew of Blogs followed. By Tuesday night I-Film placed it on its front page and late yesterday named it 'Clip of the Day'. At the time of this writing the video had been downloaded over 117,000 times in I-Film alone, outranking 'Paris Hilton Flashes Camera' and second only to 'Breakdancing with Mr. T' for a good reason. That clip is fuckin hilarious.

I know, I know, the timing, subject matter, the song and the association to Kanye's comments play a big role in the success of the clip. But I'd like to believe that what Mr. West said, regardless weather it was self serving or heartfelt, spoke to many of us non-whites or should I say minorities.

Some people find this outrageous, but we live in a racist country. Bush is merely the face of this and Katrina/Kanye a catalyst to bring out the issue. If Clinton was in office, it would go 'Slick Willie don't like Black People'. Believe, I have no love for him either. This is not to say that anybody who's in the White House is a racist. Just read Molly Ivins' 'Bushwhacked' and you'll see that his racist policies and his lynching of many black men started when he was Governor of Texas.

So what do I expect from all this hoopla. I really just hope to make a few people think. It's hard to imagine of this country being racist when you are not on the receiving end. But take from a Puerto Rican, it is. Or just look at our wonderful history.

Anyway, even though over 100,000 folks have viewed this, in the end it's a tiny blip on the media screen. I have placed a broadcast version of the clip on subMedia's Bit Torrent server and have called on Progressive Indy TV producers to download the clip and broadcast it on their shows. I have also put out a call to radio DJ's to download the MP3 and play it on their stations.

To tell you the truth I have had the worst luck running a Bit Torrent server, so if any of you have a decent tracker or know somebody who would want to serve this, please contact me.

With that said, I pray that Rita is gentler on the people of Louisiana and Texas and that we don't see a repeat of what we all witnessed two weeks ago.
ok I'm out

love//the stimulator


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous  said...

i just learnt about submedia and I'm already a total sucker for it, mailing my friends to visit your site. Respect for all your work, it's not only very professional, cool-looking and exciting, it's also meaningful in my kinda way.
I run boemtjak in belgium, pretty much the same as you do, only not so professional, good-looking,etc as your shit. I vj also, and was wondering if you would let met use your imagery. right now, is down due to cheap server problems, but you may wanna check and learn about us through another boemtjak project. mail me at

thx for reading,

At 6:00 AM, Blogger the_stimulator said...

Ya - use what you need for VJ'ing. I VJ as well and have been doing it for over 8 years. Good to see people from all over taking on the new artform.


At 8:13 AM, Anonymous astrodoll said...

GREAT video! I checked it out on iFilm, (though there was no audio)and the images were powerful and the title cards poignant. what a synthesis of media - and a powerful message that we all have been seeing these images, and that racism and neglect for human life is still rampant all over the world, and even in our back yards.
I love this site, its great to see a more canadian bloggers and media changers out there making a difference. also, to let you know - that none of us should be fooled, Canada has its own brand of organized racism, existing in Security Certificates, you can watch films about the detained men (ie. Mohamed Harkat), with no charges, but that fit the profile of "Arab man, 18-52". This media is on called "Measuring Security Measures"
and there is a cross Canada tour of the films starting October 17th. find the screening dates at

At 8:24 AM, Blogger astrodoll said...

ps - what is your RSS feed? I can't find it on your blog or site.
citizenSHIFT's is


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