Thursday, August 11, 2005

Words can't explain

Holy fuckin' shit! I can't find the words to thank everyone who has offered to help or simply sent helpful and kind words of encouragement. I promise I will reply to every single email, but as you can imagine my plate is full at the moment.

Many people have asked what they could do to help. Well first off, get yourself some insurance. We feel awful that we have become a burden to our friends and family in helping us get back on our feet. There's no excuse.

If you are still interested in helping after reading that and you live in Atlanta read on. Fellow filmmaker Dan Bush of Psychopia Films has gotten the forces together and organized a benefit for Hoa Mi and I this Saturday. Details on the attached e-flyer. May folks have offered to send clothes and housewares. Unfortunately, it is not practical to send things through the mail, because we get charged duty for things coming across the border and right now we are counting every penny.

On the Canadian side of things, the neighborhood were we lived has organized yard sales and collected clothes, appliances, furniture etc. for the 24 or so affected people. ATLiens Justin and Osha Roller have taken us in and treated us to some amazing southern hospitality. Our new found friends set up a website and have collected goodies for us. Strangers have looked for apartments for us. If I had lost any hope in humanity, let me tell ya, I got it back tenfold.

To wrap this up, I am so lucky to have married Hoa Mi. This experience doesn't feel that bad knowing that there's somebody that has my back 24/7. On Sunday we will celebrate our first anniversary, and toast to all of the kind people that we know and don't know, to life and to a new beginning.

Thank's Y'all



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damn spam commenters! go to hell from whence thy came!


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