Thursday, July 07, 2005

Code Orange

Just what we needed. Another fuckin terror attack. I feel very selfish saying this. After all, people died. Innocent people. But innocent people die all the time, in Iraq, in our inner cities, in car accidents. But British people are definitely more valuable than Iraqis. Well at least that's the way it seems in the media. I mean,
this type of attack happens in Baghdad every day and we don't get the amount of news and analysts we're getting today. I wish I was a terrorism expert, that way I could get paid to talk a bunch of bullshit on TV. Brace yourselves...

But innocent people dying because of terror attacks means something completely different. It means that Dubya and their neo-cons can find validation for their awful actions. To quote Bush's reaction to the London attacks 'The War on TerrorĀ® goes on'. What can we expect from this. Beefed up Patriot Act, more people disappearing, hate crimes on muslims everywhere. Brace yourselves...

Yes, there are people who hate 'The West'. But to narrow it down, these people hate America and the UK by proxy. Ward Churchill got crucified for something I am about to say. When you fuck with people for an extended period of time, shit's bound to blow up in your face. There, I said it. These acts of terror, as unjustified as they are, are merely retaliation for 'The West's' meddling, i.e. US' policy of invading, assassinating and manipulating in order to keep your tank full, your fridge stocked, and your Fruit of the Loom cheap. Well our privileged lifestyle won't last forever. Brace yourselves...

So to recap my mad-rant. 1. Terrorism Sucks. 2. But it's going to keep happening. 3. Because our government keeps fuckin with people 4. So we can be fat ignorant consumer fucks.


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