Thursday, February 02, 2006

Guerrilla Films

About 5 years ago, well to be more more exact, September 2001 I read an article by Gore Vidal about the Oklahoma City bombing. In it it explained how anti-terror legislation that raped the bill of rights sailed right through Congress under auspices of the so called liberal administration of Bill Clinton, AKA, cigar boy.

A week later I got a call shortly after 9 am from a good friend. A plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. It didn't take long for me to realize that the world would never be the same. I knew there and then that the freedoms we had enjoyed so far were about to be a thing of the past.

At this point I made a choice to change the focus of my life. From one of just being a promoter of local art and a career filmmaker to full time activist, promoter of local art and career filmmaker.

Through this deviation of my life's pre-planned route, I protested the popular attack on Afghanistan, visited my congressmen and senators, went to DC, New York, Fort Bening, joined Indymedia, organized anti-War multimedia events, and met amazing people from all different walks of life and political beliefs: Greens, Commies, Anarchists, Socialists, New Age freaks, Old School Hippies, Rich Dot-Commers, Theater folk, Vegans, Freegans etc. etc.

One of these people became one of my best friends. He had decided to drop out of society, but before he left he left, he gave me my first copy of 'Days of War, Nights of Love' by CrimethInc. I say my first copy, because every time I buy one, I give it way just as fast.

This book became a reaffirmation of the struggle ahead, but it also held dangerous ideas, ideas that I wanted to spread. My films 'Join the Resistance: Fall in Love!' and 'Why I Love Shoplifting From Big Corporations' came directly from this text.

So why do I feel I need to tell you all this? Because yesterday I found out that CrimethInc compiled a two DVD set that encapsulates these last 5 years of my life. No, it's not a biographical film about me, but a time capsule of what me and thousands of there people have been involved in.

CrimethInc. Guerrilla Film Series, vol. 1
is: three documentaries, 5 short films (including the two above mentioned), music on MP3 and texts on PDF for $10 including postage. If you need some inspiration for your next act of rebellion, get this set and share it with your friends. Sorry for the long intro, but I am just giddy that my work is included in this package.

Stuff to Do:

NYC - D.R.E.S. Tha Beatnik - The amazing beat boxer from the ATL via Philly performs at the Bowery Poetry Club on Feb. 9th starting at 10:30 PM

Aight y'all, thanks for reading. Happy year of the dog and all that



At 10:32 PM, Anonymous rob said...

thanks for the crimethinc dvd link - bought one a while back as a result. cheers


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