Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Dean Vs. Nader

Ooh what great fuckin year this is!

Why do I say this? Because it's so fuckin exciting. I'm getting married, been traveling and will continue to do so all year, and it's an election year. What more could I ask for? But seriously, I like a good debate as much as the next guy, but I am so perturbed by all these Democrats who keep attacking Ralph Nader for running. This has escalated to efforts to legally block Nader ballot access. Now is this how the "Democratic" party promotes democracy? I mean, what are y'all afraid of? Give me a break, this man has the right run.

The first time I came across these attacks was a cyber squatter that owns the name Ok so this person comes very close to blaming Nader for the war in Iraq. Check it out for yourself. He has an email link in which I proceeded to rip him/her/them a new asshole for being so ignorant and uninformed. I'll get to that later.

I came across the site while looking for an audio link to the Dean/Nader debate. Dean, who was the most popular anti-establishment candidate (the best one was Kucinich but I believe Sharpton was a close second) has become Kerry's bitch and has been given the job to destroy and discredit Nader. Depending on how you look at the debate, the winner of the debate can be Nader or Dean. Nader is old and not as quick as Dean, but Nader had better points to make. Especially when he quoted statements Dean made during the primary against Kerry. Simply brilliant.

Anywho, the making of a new anus.

1. The War Argument. Yep, we've all heard it. There would not be an Iraq war if Gore was president. Simple comeback. The bombings on Iraq did not end with George Bush I. Under Clinton, the US continued to bomb Iraq and killed countless innocent civilians. In any event, the economic war Clinton waged on the world via free trade agreements is as bad if not worse than 'real war'. So do you really think Kerry is going to pull out the troops if he gets elected just because he is Democrat? Democrats have gotten us into many bullshit wars, so this does not differentiate them with Republicans. Remember Vietnam? In any event Kerry voted for the war and has not said he regrets the decision. Even after new information about the lack of weapons of mass destruction and no Al Quean link.

2. Oh but Bush has tramples our civil liberties! Kerry voted for the Patriot Act. Next.

3. But Bush is the Candidate of Big Business. Kerry has accepted campaign contributions by Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley among others. It's also interesting that these companies also gave money to the Bush/Cheney ticket.

4. Nader cost Gore the Election. Listen, 250,000 Democrats voted for Bush in Florida alone, and 8 million nationwide. Instead of blaming Nader for their misfortunes, the Dems should look at themselves and see why they lost 8 million folks to Bush! How embarrassing! Not to mention that 100,000 people that didn't show up to the polls.

Should I continue. I have more, where that came from and I will go toe to toe with anyone who wishes to meet for beer and heated political discussions.

Finally, I want to say how disappointed I am with Michael Moore. He had the power to expose the larger problem that plagues America, but like Dean, he has become a mouth piece for the Democrats and his film a way to further polarize America.

Ok, time for nap. Take care and have a safe weekend.