Thursday, March 02, 2006

Veg My Ride

Everything seems to happen all a once. The same day I finished 'USE' we got a call from our DVD manufacturer that Veg My Ride was ready to be picked up. So now I have 1,000 DVD’s blocking the way to my office. In a nutshell, its an instructional DVD on how to convert diesel vehicles to run on Veg-Oil. Here’s the ‘official’ press release.


Franklin Lopez

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 22, 2006

subMedia and VegEnergy produce Veg My Ride DVD.

“Veg my Ride” is a D.I.Y. Instructional DVD that teaches how to convert a diesel vehicle to run on waste fryer oils for pennies a gallon.

In this DVD, VegEnergy’s Robert Del Bueno walks you through the process, step by step, of converting a diesel passenger car (mid 80’s Mercedes Benz) to run on straight vegetable oil.

The DVD covers the components, parts, tools, and methods required to install a successful conversion. Everything is covered including heated tank installation, heated fuel line installation, heated filtration, valve installation, wiring, and more.

The system installed on this DVD is not brand specific, and covers the options and components from most conversion kit manufacturers including Greasecar, Greasel, Frybrid, Neoteric/Plantdrive, Vegenergy, and more.

The knowledge contained on this DVD is easily applied to other diesel vehicle conversions, and is a must for those considering making the switch.

“With the price of gasoline skyrocketing and because of environmental concerns, people are looking for an affordable alternative to fossil fuels” said del Bueno

Commenting on hybrid vehicles Lopez added “A lot of folks can’t afford a $20,000 car. Buying and converting a used Mercedes can cost as little as $2,000”

The Veg My Ride diesel to veg-oil conversion DVD is available at VegMyRide.TV

Veg My Ride was shot on location in Atlanta, Georgia by Franklin Lopez of subMedia, a Vancouver based video production company.

is a bio fuels company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Veg My Ride DVD is available at VegMyRide.TV.
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