Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Web Madness

Gad I love the internet. As I sit in the club waiting for my job to start I ponder, how else would indy filmmakers from back in the day, who chose non-mainstream subject matters, were able to get their shit seen by the masses. As messed up as things are, I am glad I live in the time we are in and would not wish to live in any other era. My experience last year with 'Join the Resistance' was amazing. Thousands and people from all over the world got experience my work. My peers have also benefited from this network. 'Bush Boys' from POP films' Alex Mothlagh, has been downloaded over 100,000 times since subMedia first put it online in 2003. Now it is featured on GNN's front page and was one of the top picks on I-film last year.

Lost Film Fest

Well once again, the web has proven effective. Two weeks ago I got a call from Scott Beibin, the curator from the Lost Film Fest. He had stumbled into my newest film 'Why I love shoplifting from Big Corporations' and wanted to add it to the already impressive roster of 'culture jamming' and political films. I was in shock! I have been trying to get my work on that festival for some time now and had been unsuccessful. It turns out that Scott is a pretty down to earth guy and we shot the shit for an hour. I bitched at him for never bringing his festival to the ATL. He replied that he had no contacts in this city. Long story long, subMedia is bringing his ass and his collection of amazing flicks to Atlanta this saturday.

Among the films, a never before seen prank by infamous 'Yes Men' and all the Fensler G.I. Joe PSA's your brain will be able to tolerate. Read below for more details.