Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh what a wonderful day

I really don't like feeling happy about the misfortunes of others, but this Lewis Libby situation has me giddy. Oh if only Rove and Cheney were indicted... Sigh.

As a celebration, I let go of all my responsibilities and instead of working for a living like a good American (or Canadian) I remained glued to the radio talk shows while learning about how to podcast video.

So, I give you a new way to watch our content without having to come back every month or so. Simply add this url minus the brackets to your you preferred blog reader or in the new iTunes go to Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast and paste the url. If you have one of the new Ipod's you'll be able to take the video with you and shock your coworkers.

Finally, if you live in Vancouver, you should know that subMedia is bringing the Lost Film Fest to Video In Studios this Thursday Nov. 3rd at 8pm. Woo Woo!

that's all for now