Friday, December 09, 2005

More proof damning the Dems as a solution

Yeah, that's right, I will make my mission to try to convince as many folks as possible that the electoral system is damaged beyond repair. Not only because the GOP can steal the election whenever they damned well please, but because the only other alternative, the Dems are as fucked as the Republicans. Check this out...

There was a hearing this week concerning the issue of race and Katrina requested by congressional maverick Cynthia McKinney. Listen to the archive on Democracy Now. The shit these people were saying happened is un-fuckin-believable. A beautiful opportunity to further fry Bush and Co. Well "The Democratic leadership has instructed us to boycott this panel, because we can't trust the results or the report of this panel." said Congress Woman McKinney. I mean what gives. If this is does not make it obvious on where the Democrats stand I don't know what is.

Finally, I urge all artists with a political consciousness to listen to yesterday's Democracy Now! honoring John Lennon. Your art can make a difference.

have a great weekend


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

signing off for 2005

Hey Y'all,

This might be my last message for 2005, but you never know, Bush might piss me off again. I just heard him speak about why we need to stay in Iraq. A few of the reasons for the supposed US success in Iraq were reported by no other than the biggest Democratic warmonger, president wannabe and all out sell-out Joe Lieberman. According to Lieberman (and Bush), the success in Iraq can be seen by the amount of cars and satellite dishes. Also the fact that Iraq's stock market is trading and the virus of a free market economy is infecting Iraqis. It's funny, if it looks like America it must be successful. Really, Mr. Bush.

More cars = more car bombs.
More TV's = Iraqis can be more informed about the car bombings
Stock Market = Terrorists have new ways to funnel money into Iraq

Yeah, I am swimming in cynicism, but not without reason. In the last couple of months the lies of the Bush administration have been surfacing like grease in water. And as public consciousness about peak oil and what really happened in 9/11 grows, the Neocon house of cards is going to crumble. Muahahah!

Ahh sorry about that.

Speaking of grease, I've been touting the benefits of running cars of veggie oil for some time. I even owned a grease car at one point. Well I am proud to say the ATL veggie oil meister and longtime Man or Astroman? bass player Rob Del Bueno and I have created a DVD to instruct folks how to convert diesel cars into grease cars. We call the the DVD 'Veg My Ride'

This DVD is a step by step instructional video on converting a car to run directly on vegetable and waste fryer oils. The conversion is generic, in that the method can be applied to most diesels. The DVD covers conversion kits, parts, and components from companies including Greasel, Greasecar, Frybrid, Plantdrive/Neoteric, and more. So if you are handy with tools and want to get ahead on next year's oil crisis, get one of these babies.

We are now accepting pre-orders via the website

Alright folks, signing off for the rest of the year. Don't over-consume this holiday season and don't forget to hug somebody at least once a day.