Thursday, November 11, 2004

Now get off your ass

The discussion last week went great. From what I gather is that most people could agree that electoral politics is not were it's at for creating change. One of the things that created change during the 60's wasn't voting. It was people giving their time and sweat to the cause. Folks went to sit-ins, marched and got their heads bashed by the police. But hey, by doing this the nation caught a glimpse of all the bullshit that was going on in the south and things did begin to change. So to us this would mean personal sacrifice. Cutting out a few hours of your TV time and giving it to a group or organization that needs volunteers. Building a community garden. Marching and getting your head bashed in by the police. Now, this doesn't mean sending fucking emails or signing petitions. Fuck that. And while I'm at it, don't send me any of that shit. Thanks.

Also peopl agreed that the corporate media is partly to blame for where we are now. So what to do you may ask. Well, make your own fucking media I say. And many people have said it before, from Jello Biafra to Indymedia. If you've been on the list for a while you've probably heard me rant about how great Indymedia is. So what is Indymedia? Indymedia is YOU! That's right, you make the news. Seriously. Indymedia was born during the Seattle WTO protests and came out of the need for activists to have the events at hand reported fairly. At that time the corporate media was focusing on the few people breaking windows and failed to show the amazing coalition of activists and union members who came together to fight against globalization. Now what is globalization? Ask me next week. In the meantime, the Atlanta branch of Indymedia is having a party on Saturday. I will be there doing some visual xaos and Nav will be on the decks. So come and support a truly independent media outlet right here in your community. And for all you media makers out there, come out, see what its all about and volunteer. In the rants section I will list a number of organizations that need your time.