Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Kuanaka

So I lied about the last message of the year, but yes Bush did piss me off but I am not writing to about that. Instead I wanted to spread some Christmas butter.

Here's a little quickie of some Christmas fun we had last saturday at Canada's second largest mall. For the third year in a row, subMedia has organized a Buy Nothing Christmas action and each time it gets a little bit better. We named this action, Operation Santattack.

This time, Santa Claus was accompanied by a crew of carolers and we passed hundreds of coupons that give people gift ideas that don't cost anything while singing some anti-shopping carols.

Check out the clip - here for Quicktime Player and here for Windows Media Player.

So I know a bunch of y'all are stressed out doing some last minute shopping. I say DON'T! Give yourself and your wallet a break. Take that time to relax, or just be creative and think of a gift that won't cost you a penny and that might be more meaningful than some cheap piece of plastic made by kids in China. Jesus would have wanted it that way.

Finally Big Upz to my girl Montine for getting some much deserved recognition.

Merry Kuanaka!

love//frank & hoa mi