Monday, March 27, 2006

Start spreading the news...

Holy fuckin month of March. Wow. Was it as hectic for you as it was for me?

It all began with a cryptic message on AIM from a someone not on my buddy list: "Wanna move to New York?" then a job listing for a video producer for Democracy Now. What the? Who, I mean, I just got confy in Vancouver. Confusion and indecision set until I saw my wife. Not moving, now way, done, next! The next day I mentioned it to my wife in passing. "Are you crazy? go apply" she says.

After 5 minutes of consideration, I came to the realization that women are way smarter than men. For God's sake Frank! When's the next time this show would have an opening. How many times in your life do you get to work with one of you heroes.

My resume had not been updated in 10 years and I've only had like 2 jobs in my life. Everything else has been subMedia, Vj'ing and freelancing. So I got to work. I produced a 3 page document that reflected what I've done in Atlanta and my brief time in Vancouver. to: >>send

'I'll never get it, but I'll never forgive myself if I don't try' a few days passed then the email. Can you be here on Monday for an interview? Well, If I can get a plane ticket that quick. The person in charge of the hiring was not aware I was 3,000 miles away. The next day, I set up my camera on I-Chat and within minutes I was talking to Amy Goodman, and producers Elizabeth Press and John Hamilton. Surreal.

A week passes and they ask me to go to New York to try out. I fly out on a Monday and spend 5 jam packed days seeing how the show is produced, editing and shooting video, setting up satellite uplinks, visiting with friends and getting very little sleep.

Last Thursday I got the call. 'Can you start April 3rd?' Excitement, fear, happiness, sadness are just few of the emotions I experienced after I hung up the phone.

To sum up, on Friday I fly to New York to begin a 3 month probation period, after that they either they hire or send me packing to Vancouver. Whatever happens, I'm honored and humbled to be given this opportunity. If you are not familiar with the Democracy Now, check them out. They are doing very important work, covering the news and asking hard questions. You can audio or video podcast it from their website or listen or watch in a number of different TV channels and radio stations.

The hardest part about this whole deal is being away from my wife. She'll be going to school for a year while I toil in the world of independent media, and I'll be racking up frequent flier miles flying back and forth as much as possible. Ironically, the day before I was offered the job, I got my Canadian immigrant visa.

OK, now that the big news are out of the way, here are some highlights from this month in no particular order.

V is for Vendetta - go see it... twice
Meeting Winona LaDuke, Ralph Nader's running mate in 2000 and biodiesel enthusiast and handing here a copy of Veg My Ride.
Flash Mob Pillow Fight - tip, take of your glasses before engaging in this type of activity.
Data Exchange Pot Luck - read Nerd-Out-Supreme
Watching American Blackout and hanging out with GNN'ers Anthiny Lappe and Ian Inaba
Massive Antiwar March in Vancouver and meeting American war resister Kyle Snyder
Video taping a panel that included Matrix philosopher Cornel West

OK - gotta pack, get ready and maybe squeeze in a nap. NY, peeps, send me your contact so we can get together, oh and 'Join the Resistance: Fall in Love!' screens at the Imaginasian Theater on 239 East 59th on April 6th - spread the word!