Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hey Kids, if you live in the ATL here's a few things happening.

Doctors Without Borders
- A series of events and exhibits highlighting some of the bravest men and women in the planet.
Click here for more info -

Much Ado About Nothing
- A fresh take on Shakespeare’s lively comedy about love in war times!
Go here for more info

If you live elsewhere, my boss lady is traveling all over W land promoting her new book 'Static' If you haven't heard her speak, go to one of these events and be prepared to be blown away.
For a 'Static' event in a city near you go to

As usual, this is the point in which you can either delete this message or read on and get really pissed at me.

First of, I need to clarify something. 'An inconvenient Truth' is a good movie. But I caught a lot of shit from a few readers that thought I was being heavy handed in my criticism of Gore. Well I just gotta call bullshit when I smell it. So in order to not drag this out any longer, go see the movie, but watch where you step.

And talking about global warming...

Hurricane season is upon us again. The memory of hurricane Katrina and its devastating aftermath on the population of New Orleans is still fresh in my mind. After losing everything in a fire a few weeks before the levees broke, for the first time in my life I could relate to the TV images of a far away catastrophe. Prior to this, images of war and destruction did outrage me and drove me to action, but not in the same way as the events of last year. Losing your home to an event you have no control of is no small thing. But the one thing I can't relate to, is how the residents of the Big Easy must feel knowing their catastrophe could have been prevented. Knowing that you are part of the richest, morst technologically advanced country in the history of humanity, and your house, street, neighborhood, entire city is allowed to drown. To add insult to injury, right now, almost exactly a year after Katrina, Hizbollah, a 'terrorist' organization acoording to the US Department of State, is rapidly mobilizing a massive rebuilding effort after the wrath of Israel's U.S. made F16 fighter jets and cluster bombs. Many folks in New Orleans still don't have homes. A lot of them are not even in Louisiana. Thousands of them may never return to their home. God Bless AmeriKKKA.

If you haven't heard, Spike Lee has done a tremendous of job in his 4 part HBO doc 'When the Levees Broke'. Thanks to the magic of Al Gore's internet you don't need HBO to watch it. I highly recommend everyone to check it, because when you need a reminder on how bankrupt our system is, this will do the trick. Just remember, when November comes and you vote out the Republicans, that our system will remain as ineffectual with the incoming Democrats. At least this is something we can count on.

Finally, with much regret I must inform you I am leaving Democracy Now! The old lady and I have decided to lay down roots, and Vancouver won over New York City. The decision is bitter sweet, because my experience with Amy Goodman and Co. has been invaluable. Gigs like these are few and far between and tight crews like Democracy Now's are one in a million.

With that said, I will continue with my work with subMedia but not before making a brief visit to my old stomping grounds in Atlanta. I will be speaking at the Bioneers Conference on two occasions, and visiting with friends, so holla!

That's all for now

much love