Tuesday, June 14, 2005

'Molotov' Joins the swarm

'Sold out!' That's what I yelled last week as I got the last order of our DVD/ZINE 'Molotov'. 500 might not seem like a lot, but that was 500 Zines photocopied, trimmed, stapled and inserted into 500 DVD cases, that have 500 DVD's burned on laptop that have 500 labels etc. etc. And who the fuck do you think put these together? You guessed it. But in all seriousness, we are very happy to have sold out of this first printing. We have enough cash for 'Molotov' #2 which should come out by December. I certainly didn't feel like making another 500 DVD's so I'll be making them as orders come in. But for geeks out there who use Bit Torrent and have DVD burners, enjoy this gift from your pals at subMedia. Once you download, please seed for a day or two. Thanks to the folks at blog torrent for making this possible.