Friday, October 14, 2005

Sleep time

What whirlwind the last three months have been. House fire, tumultous trip to the ATL to DC back to the ATL back to Canada, then to Philly and now back to Canada hopefully for a good couple of months.

The Lost Film Fest
was a tremendous experience. Saw some fantastic films and met a lot of like minded filmmakers. Believe me when I tell you that the alternative media revolution is on!

The highlights:

East Van Porn Collective: This crew decided to make a mokumentary about a group of young adults who didn't like the quality of porn so they made their own for their eyes only. In the process they actually made porn for their eyes only and made the East Van Porn Collective a reality. Probably the best explanation of concensus decision making process I've seen.

Star Slyderz: This stuck out in a world of political and socially concious films. If you like He-Man, Voltron, Star Trek and hair metal, this movie has it all. Probably the first true Cult Classic B-Movie of the new milenium.

George Bush Don't Like Black People Part Deux: I got to meet The Black Lantern, creator of the other George Bush meets Kanye West video. It just so happens that he live in Philly and we played our vids back to back at the festival. Strangely enough he recived a cease and dessist letter from Jib Jab for using 8 seconds of their popular animation 'This Land is our Land'. Ironically, Jib Jab got a cease and dessit from the Arlo Guthrie for using his father's song without permission. So without a doubt I've lost all respect for the hipocrits at Jib Jab. Fuckin sell-outs.

...and (self explanatory use your imagination).... Vegan (Cheese Steaks, Cakes, Turkey, Hot Dogs) Bike Jousting, Ball Fights, Ethiopian food, dirty shower, 1 towel for 7 people, grease cars, crazy hippies, donuts, no sleep, Punk Rock Islam, Photoshop Wormhole, dumpster diving, cockroach magic....

Now I am settling into my new digs, getting a lot of sleep and prepping for two months of heavy editing before I return to the ATL for some work. Before I leave you guys for a few weeks, I wanted to give big ups to Alex and Jacob of POP films for their first worldwide DVD release of 'Last Goodbye' If you haven't seen it at festivals or screenings, you can now own a copy. So go to Amazon or rent it from Netfilx.

That's all for now. Expect radio silence for a few weeks unless something amazing happens.

much love//the stimulator