Thursday, April 21, 2005

Canada or Bust

Yep, the rumors are true. Me and my monkey are heading up to the land of maple syrup and hockey strikes. In about 10 days we'll catch a plane and start a new life in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

With everything going so well with us in Atlanta, you may ask why? Well, one because we can. Two, because of the free healthcare. No, but seriously, both my wife and I have been wanting to live abroad for some time and Canada interested us and in all honesty, would be the easiest since my wife is Canadian.

We visited Vancouver during our honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with the city. So now we join several ex-atliens, and thousands of avid snowboarders and pot smokers, to swim in the icy waters of the Pacific and pay really high taxes.

So with that said, what's to happen to subMedia. I consider the move an expansion of our operations. My partner in crime Don Clark will continue to hold it down in Atlanta. So for all my current or future clients who may need video work done, hit Don up (404) 509-6809 or shoot him an email don(at)