Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Faith in the system

I've said a bunch of times, I have no faith in the system to create positive change. Well maybe that's a bit too broad. But anywho, today I sent a letter to my congressman John Lewis, because it would be so gratifying to see the Dems grow some balls and start talking about impeaching the idiot and Co. Bush admitted that he did spy on Americans and will continue to do so as a 'So whachoo gonna do about it' taunt. So behold the first letter to a congressman I've sent in over 4 years, let's see if I get a bit more than the automated response. If you want to find out who your congressperson is go to

Hon. Congressman Lewis,

I recently relocated to Canada, but as a US Citizen and since you were my last Rep. when I resided in College Park, I feel I need to direct this communication to you.

As much as I admire you, first as a Civil Rights leader and second as an effective Congressman, I have to tell you I've lost all faith in the Democratic Party.

Let's be frank. George W. Bush is getting away with murder and the Democrats' inaction makes me believe that the party I had sworn my loyalty to when I was younger, has been bought out by the military industrial complex.

I applaud your opposition to Bush's spying on American citizens. One thing I have not heard you or anyone else talk about is the fact that the NSA also spied on UN diplomats on the build up to the war with Iraq.

Let's get real here. Clinton got impeached for getting a blow job! The word impeach should be thrown around a bit more liberally in the halls of Congress. When Nixon walked around with his bravado on how he could not break the law because he was president, he got smacked down and put in his place. If the Democrats want folks to put their faith back in the system, they need to start acting tough and not worry so much about offending the people who pay for their campaigns, because without votes those contributions will be meaningless.

Much Respect

Franklin Lopez